Congratulations to our June Member of the Month, Elise Fort!

How has your everyday life changed since coming to City Fitness?
Since joining City Fitness I have more energy in my everyday life. I try and come each afternoon after work and really look forward to it. It’s a great stress relief and I feel great afterwards. I now have an active lifestyle and have more confidence to try new things.

What are your achievements so far?
I’m a lot fitter and stronger than when I first started. I’ve lost 4 dress sizes and feel great.

What is your training goal?
To keep pushing myself and improve my overall health.

What would be your words of encouragement to someone who wants to achieve their goals and succeed?
Every day is different so don’t give up. Mix it up, try a class with a friend or ask the trainers for some new exercises. It keeps your body guessing and could give you a new goal to achieve.

How often do you visit City Fitness to exercise?
I train Monday to Saturday, mainly attending group fitness classes.

What is your favourite group fitness class?
I love Kimax, Body Attack, Grit, Body Balance, Body Pump and Circuit.

Do you visit the same location or do you train at our other locations?
I mostly visit Victoria Street and Mount Pleasant.