This month we celebrate Raye-Lene Baggow! Our May Member of the Month:

How has your everyday life changed since coming to City Fitness?
Since joining City Fitness I have made friends and have met great trainers and staff that encourage me to be the best I can. My mind set has changed, I’m a better person.

What are your achievements so far?
I am mentally fit, stronger and have energy to keep going. I have lost centimeters off my waist and gained muscle.

What is your training goal?
My training goal is to continue building strength and endurance to help with stress.

What would be your words of encouragement to someone who wants to achieve their goals and succeed?
Every step is a win, no matter how small.

How often do you visit City Fitness to exercise?
I visit City Fitness 3 to 4 times a week. I plan to increase this in the near future.

What is your favourite group fitness class?
I enjoy Kimax, Body Attack, Top Ride, Grit Strength and Body Balance. I plan to try Body Step soon.

Do you visit the same location or do you train at our other locations?
I mostly go to Victoria Street, however, I do visit Mount Pleasant.

Congratulations Raye-Lene! Keep up the great work!