Congratulations to our June Member of the Month, William Duncan!

How has your everyday life changed since coming to City Fitness?
The last couple of years for me has been a struggle. After a prestigious career of over 30 years, I was recently medically discharged from the Australian Army with mental health and addiction problems. A stint in a rehabilitation centre did not help and I soon realised that no one was going to fix my problems except me. Being a member of City Fitness with its three locations allows me the flexibility to train anytime of the day seven days a week.

What are your achievements so far?
After so many years in the Army I knew the value of physical fitness. I knew if I could get my fitness back, then the way I felt about myself and life in general would change for the better. Most days I have to fight against the addiction problems, but my life has slowed down and I again feel good in my own skin. The reason you feel good after any sort of physical fitness is because of the natural release of endorphins.

What is your training goal?
At 52 years of age, I know that regaining your fitness is always going to be an uphill struggle. For me it is about getting to a certain fitness level and maintaining that. Of course being a male, I am always looking to put on lean muscle and trim down.

What would be your words of encouragement to someone who wants to achieve their goals and succeed?
You really have to take a holistic approach to fitness. You need to eat well, have a well-structured fitness regime, and good rest. Whatever your individual goals are, talk to one of the trainers at the gym for guidance on how to approach these goals. Fitness is not something that happens overnight and any type of positive change will take up to eight weeks of dedicated training. Once you start seeing results you will be hooked for life.

What is your favourite exercise?
I particularly enjoy weight training, both machines and free weights.

What is your exercise/ training routine?
I train six days a week. Monday, I train chest & back, Tuesday legs & triceps, Wednesday shoulders & biceps and then repeat same routine on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Congratulations William! Keep up the great work!